Creation netsuke



Carving Netsuke starts with the creation of ideas. First of all, you must provide what you want to create. Then you need to select the material for this work. Only then will you start to sketch future work. I've noticed a pattern: the more you think over the idea of creating netsuke: what work should be that symbolize, and so on, the faster it will be done by hand.

The theme of "Tanuki" I refer in their works very often. My favorite work - "the Fox - a monk." The first kind of work I have done from a pear tree. Now I use for this netsuke mammoth tusk or ivory.

To do this, "Tanuki" I used an evergreen - boxwood. In my opinion, this warm stuff went for "Tanuki" the most.


As you'll see later, the figure is not always like the outcome. When I cut out the netsuke, the material itself suggests how to do it better. Thus, the goal - netsuke "Tanuki" material - boxwood.One paw raised up Tanuki, the other foot holds the tail of a large, inflated abdomen. Forward!

After the final sanding and polishing careful, I do have tinted the finished product. After toning, I

encrusted eyes Tanuki. Jet - very good stuff for the eyes. The eyes of the jet do Tanuki look alive, as if the spark inside.

As you can see the final version of "Tanuki" is not quite like the original version. Now Tanuki one paw covered her mouth as if he is flirting with you.