About me


I was born in 1964 in Sambor, Ukraine. In 1981 I finished a high school with a golden medal. In 1988 I completed my studies at the Institute of Civil Aviation Engineering and afterwards worked as lead engineer at the Kiev Aircraft Factory.

Since my early childhood I was found of painting and modeling plasticine figures of people and animals. Later this hobby transformed into carving miniature wooden sculptures.

The first work was carved in 1990 of a leg of a chair, with the help of an ordinary scalpel. Since 1993 my works have been exhibited in art galleries of Kiev. The main subject of my works is everyday life of Ukrainian people. My interest towards netsuke art arose after reading a book "Netsuke", written by M.V. Uspensky. Having read Bauer's and Masatoshi's books, I had a deeper notion of Japanese netsuke artists works.

In 1997 and 1998 I participated in the 11-th and 12-th Vienna Netsuke Symposium, where I got to know M.V. Uspensky and famous contemporary artists Michael H. Birtch, Guy R.H. Shaw and Cornel Schneider.

In 1999, fifteen my works were exhibited at the convention of the International Netsuke Society in Chicago, where one of netsukes ( Sumo Wrestler ) was acquired by His Imperial Highness Prince of Japan Norihito Takamado, for his collection. The netsuke "Sumo wrestler" as a part of Prince Takamado's collection was exhibited in Jokohama ( 2000 ) and Chiba ( 2001 ) at the exposition "Modern Netsukes".

In 2001 I participated in the Convention of the International Netsuke Society in Boston.

I am the member of International Netsuke Society.

From 2002 I am the President of Ukrainian Netsuke Society.

In 2004 I completed my studies at the Academy of Arts in Kiev and has received the Diploma of the critic - expert.

On this page the small part from all versatile works are submitted created within several years by me.



The booklet " Netsuke. Contemporary miniatures " by Alexander Derkachenko has been issued in 2002. The 59-page catalogue is the first publication relating to the study of netsuke to be published in the Ukraine. The booklet, printed in full color with Russian and English text giving a brief history of netsuke, artistically showcases fifty-seven of my own works. The Foreword and Message, written by fellow artists Guy Shaw and Jim Kelso, respectively, attest to the regard and respect me has earned amongst my peers. This little catalogue would be a worthy addition to any netsuke collector's library.


The booklet “Fairy tales of Japan” (Russian text)